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It is our hope to be a resource your family can use in order to help build a spiritual foundation for your children to build their life upon. Our goal is to provide tools, ideas and activities that you can use to point your children to Christ and help them develop not only biblical knowledge, but also a personal relationship with God. Below you will find different topics followed by a variety of resources and ideas. These are not written to be used as strict lesson plans that need to be completed fully or in a specific order, but should instead be viewed as starting ideas or a menu from which you can pick and choose in order to fit the needs and ability of each child.                  .

We will be referencing The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones for younger children for applicable stories, as well as the International Children's Bible (ICB).


"A little servant girl and the proud general" pg 136 in the Jesus Storybook Bible 

2 Kings 5  ICB


"The Good Shepherd" pg 130 in the Jesus Storybook Bible 

Psalm 23 

Psalm 51  2 Samuel 7


"The young hero and the horrible giant" pg. 122 in the Jesus Storybook Bible 

1 Samuel 17 ICB 


"The teeny, weenie...true king" pg. 116 in The Jesus Storybook Bible 

1 Samuel 16 ICB


"The warrior leader" pg. 108 in The Jesus Storybook Bible 

Joshua 6 ICB 


"Ten ways to be perfect" pg. 100 in The Jesus Storybook Bible  

Exodus 16-17 ICB

Exodus 19-20:21 ICB 


"God makes a way" pg. 92 in The Jesus Storybook Bible 

Exodus 14-15 ICB 


"God to the rescue!" pg. 84 in The Jesus Storybook Bible 

Exodus 3-13 ICB 

There are a lot of options available for these topics. If you are looking for more to do, just search pinterest. There is plenty available for each plague.  


"The forgiving prince" pg. 76 in The Jesus Storybook Bible

Genesis 37, 39-46 ICB 

Joseph and His Coat (Genesis 37) Video


Joseph in Egypt (Genesis 39-41) Video


Joseph Forgives (Genesis42-45) Video


Thrown in the pit coloring page 


"The present" pg. 62 in The Jesus Storybook Bible

Genesis 22 ICB


"Son of laughter" pg. 56 in The Jesus Storybook Bible  

There is a lot to the story of Abram/Abraham found in Genesis 12-21. Listed below are passages that are referenced in the videos and activities.        

Genesis 12: 1-10

Genesis 13:14-16

Genesis 15:5-6

Genesis 17: 1-8

Genesis 18

Genesis 21 

Crossword Puzzle 


"A gaint staircase to heaven" pg. 48 in The Jesus Storybook Bible   

Genesis 11 ICB 

Marshmallow Babel:

If you have more than one child at home, you can have them build a tower together using teamwork and see how tall they can make it. Then have one (or more) of them have to build while the other gives directions, but have the one giving directions have a mouth full of marshmallows.    


"A new beginning" pg. 38 in The Jesus Storybook Bible

Genesis 6-9 ICB

YouTube video - VeggieTales: Noah's Ark (51 min)

YouTube video - The Arky, Arky Song (Rise and Shine)


"The terrible lie" pg. 28 in The Jesus Storybook Bible

Genesis 3 ICB 

Pressure of Temptation Experiment/Object Lesson - Instructions to go with video above 

Coloring Pages


Dot to Dot

Word Scramble

Word Scramble Junior 



"The beginning: a perfect home" pg. 18 in The Jesus Storybook Bible 

Genesis 1-2 ICB

YouTube song 'God Is Creator' by Seeds Family Worship 

YouTube video 'Creation (Genesis 1-2) (4min)

For the 'Days of Creation Discovery Bags' you can use them in multiple ways: 1) Leave the bags without numbers and make the kids guess what day of creation it is for based on the contents. 2) Number the bags or tell them what day of creation it is for and then make them guess what is in the bag by only feeling with their hand(s) and not looking.

Ideas of bag contents: 1) flashlight, candle, light bulb  2) Cotton balls or something fluffy for clouds   3) Dirt, sand, leaves, plants/flowers (fake or real) 4) Sun, moon, and/or stars. Toys or cut out of paper or other material. 5) Toy birds and fish, feathers, goldfish  6) Toy people and animals, lego people  7) A small pillow, nothing, toy/small bed    

Printable creation mini coloring book 

Creation Day 1 - Light

Creation Day 2 - Atmosphere: 

Creation Day 3 - Land & Plants

Creation Day 4 - Sun, Moon, & Stars 

Creation Day 5 - Sea Animals & Flying Creatures   

Creation Day 6 - Land Animals & People 

God Made People YouTube video 


"God's messenger" pg. 160 in The Jesus Storybook Bible

Jonah 1:1-3:4 ICB 

YouTube Jonah Song 

 YouTube video: Jonah and The Fish (3 min) 

YouTube video: VeggieTales Jonah clip (15 min)  

YouTube video (to rent/buy). Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (83 min)

Coloring Pages 

Word Search  Maze 

Discussion Questions/Points 

Many of the discussion questions are for older kids who read the full ICB version, but some can be altered or left out for younger kids. 

Online Quiz 


Daniel & The Lions' Den:

"Daniel and the scary sleepover" pg. 152  in the Jesus Storybook Bible

Daniel 6 (ICB) 

Daniel & The Lions' Den Veggie Tales video (14 min)  Where's God When I'm Scared: Daniel & the Lions' Den Veggie Tales video (27 min) 

Daniel & Lions Popsicle Stick Craft 

Isaiah 41: 10 ICB

"So don’t worry, because I am with you. Don’t be afraid, because I am your God. I will make you strong and will help you.”

Psalm 56:3 ICB

“When I am afraid, I will trust you. I praise God for his word. I trust God. So I am not afraid.”

Coloring Page  Lions' Den Maze 

Crossword Puzzle

Discussion questions:

• What kind of a man was Daniel?

• What did Daniel know about God?

• Why were the princes jealous of Daniel?

• What is jealousy?

• What was in the law the King signed?

• What did the princes catch Daniel doing?

• Why didn’t Daniel observe the King’s law, knowing he’d be thrown into the den with lions?

• Why didn’t Daniel try to hide the fact that he was praying?

• Do you think the king wanted Daniel to die? Why or why not?

• Who shut the lions’ mouths?

• Do you think Daniel was scared? What can we do when we’re scared?

• Do your friends ever try to talk you out of being obedient to God or to your parents?

• How often do you pray each day?

• Why is praying important?


VeggieTales Easter Carol (49 min)

The Story of Easter video (5 min)  

God's Story: Easter (4.5 min) 

Tips for talking with your kids about Easter  

 EASTER: The Last Supper 

"The Servant King" pg 286 in The Jesus Storybook Bible

Mark 14: 12-31 ICB 

John 13:1 - 14:14 ICB  

YouTube Video - The Story of Easter (The Last Supper) (3.5 min)

YouTube Video - God's Story : The Last Supper (4 min)

The Servant King video from the Jesus Storybook Bible (3 min)

Last Supper Coloring Page 

Word Search 

EASTER: Garden of Gethsemane / Jesus Arrested

“A dark night in the garden” pg 294 in The Jesus Storybook Bible 

Luke 22:39-71 ICB  

Mark 14:32-72 ICB

John 18 ICB  

YouTube video - Top 5 List: The Garden of Gethsemane | Jesus and the Journey to the Cross #2 (3 min) 

 YouTube video - Top 5 List: The Trial of Jesus | Jesus and the Journey to the Cross #1 (3 min)

A dark night in the garden video from The Jesus Storybook Bible (5.5 min)

Garden of Gethsemane coloring pages

Crossword Puzzle

True / False

EASTER: The Crucifixion 

"The sun stops shining" pg. 302 in The Jesus Storybook Bible 

Matthew 27:15-66 

 Mark 15

Luke 23

John 19

The sun stops shining video from The Jesus Storybook Bible (4 min)

Coloring pages 



EASTER: The Resurrection 

"God's wonderful surprise" pg. 310 The Jesus Storybook Bible 

 Matthew 28 ICB

Mark 16  ICB

Luke 24 ICB

John 20

  YouTube video - Jesus: The Series #6 - The Resurrection of Jesus (4 min) 

YouTube video -  Top 5 List: Easter Sunday | Jesus and the Journey to the Cross #3 (3 min)

Cross Maze & Color by Number 

True/False Questions

For the cross painting, use a crayon to draw the crosses and then use watercolors to paint over the top. The watercolors will not stick to anywhere there is crayon 


Empty Tomb/Resurrection Rolls


Palm Sunday:

 Matthew 21:1-11 (ICB)

**Note: In verse 9 the ICB uses the word "praise" in place of "Hosanna". The word Hosanna is used on many of the crafts and activities to follow, so you may want to include it when you are reading/teaching.     

YouTube Video: "God's Story: Palm Sunday"

YouTube Video: The Story of Easter (The Triumphal Entry) 



*NOTE - The round parade craft says to use a split pin. We did not have any split pins, but used a pipe cleaner and it worked without any issues. 

Palm Sunday Coloring Page

Palm Sunday Maze (for younger kids)

Palm Sunday Maze (for older kids) 

Palm Sunday Crossword

Bible Story Review Questions 

1. Where was Jesus going? A: Jesus was going to Jerusalem.

2. How did Jesus go into Jerusalem? A: He rode a donkey.

3. How did the people treat Jesus? A: They treated Him like their King. They praised Him by laying down their coats, waving palm branches.

4. What did the people shout to Jesus? A: “Hosanna” and “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” and “Blessed is the King of Israel.”

5. Why did the people praise Jesus? A: The people praised Him because of all the things He had done and because they saw Him as the King.

6. Who can we praise? A: We can praise Jesus our King.