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We're pretty excited about all that has been happening in this historic, old building that has come back to life over the past four years. In 2013 we stepped back and took a hard look at our format, methods and approach and set out to retool everything except our faith foundation. Most everything changed - music, messages, philosophy of ministry and style. Our goal was to become a place where even people who don't like church would be right at home.

The sad truth is that a lot of churches are more worried about Starbucks cups and silly memes than they are about being like Jesus. That's not us.

Email signupWe are a grace-saturated community of messy people trying to navigate life by getting to know Jesus more. Today, we are a faith community of around 150 people. Our numbers include young families, singles, college students, empty nesters and grandparents. That means we have people just like you.

If you're looking for choirs in robes, formality, suits and ties and a churchy type of place, we have some other great churches to recommend to you. We're not that. Or, if you are looking for a polished performance with stage lights, haze and production, we are not that either. But, if you are looking for a more organic, authentic place where you can come as you are, with questions and imperfections, we hope you'll come check us out.

Jesus said the most important thing of all is that we love God and love others. We try to keep our focus right there.

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Our goal is to be real with one another as we follow after Jesus. We have no desire to play church once a week. We believe that when we experience the Grace and Love of God and begin to follow Jesus, that it saturates and changes every area of our lives for the better. No, problems don't leave us alone and life is still messy but, with Jesus, we gain a new perspective and purpose to stand through even the toughest challenges.

The building we gather in has a long history. Just like every other church it has had times of growth and times of decline, times of prosperity and times of scraping by. It's history mirrors the history of our nation. But, through each valley and on every mountain top, our God has been faithful and always present.

During the summer of 2013 we were at a low point. Like the other churches on Main Street in Westbrook, our numbers had dwindled to the point where we questioned our survival. At least four of our neighbor churches had closed their doors and sold their buildings. Would the same happen with us? What could we do to prevent the continued decline?

The answer was clear. It was time to make some changes in our facility, our format, our approach and our methods. We began to study the culture around us and our changing society and asked how we, like Paul, could be come all things to all people in order to love, serve and bring the Hope and Rescue of Jesus.

We are still on the journey, still adjusting, taking risks and trying new things. Thankfully, in the first two years of this revitalization work we have seen growth. We have watched the Lord take us from 35-40 to as many as 120 on Sunday mornings. We've gone from zero children to 15-20 some weeks. We've made improvements to our facility with vision for continued growth. We are a congregation of near 150 now when everyone shows up at the same time.

Our vision is for continued growth hoping not to grow by attracting people from other churches but by connecting with people who are new to all this stuff and curious about Jesus.

We are needing and praying for workers and builders. If you have gifts that aren't being used or needed in your church and feel called to join us in this continuing revitalization work here in Westbrook, talk to Scott (our pastor) and talk to your pastor before making a change. Maybe your church has a place for you to serve and you just don't know about it. But, if your pastor is a sending pastor, he'll confirm your calling and send you, praying for your work. At FBC Westbrook, our vision is to grow to be a sending church strengthening and planting other churches in Southern Maine.

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733 Main St., Westbrook, ME 04092